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Chinese Academy of Forestry
Research Organisation
The Chinese Academy of Forestry, founded in 1958, is a comprehensive research institution affiliated to the State Forestry Administration. The academy has 9 research institutes, 4 experimental centers and 3 research and development centers, which are located in 10 provinces of China. Research interests cover all forestry-related subjects, including basic researches on seeds, seedlings and forests, forest plants, insects and animals, forest pest control, forest ecosystems, forestry inventory and management, wood industry, chemical processing of forest products, and wood pulp and papermaking, utilization of forest products, application of new and advanced technologies, such as gene engineering, biotechnology, remote sensing, geographical information system, global positioning system, system engineering and information network. The three R & D centers specifically focus on paulownia, eucalyptus and bamboo. Over 1700 academic and technical staff were working at the academy as up to the end of 1997.