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Lake Chad Basin Commission
Intergovernmental Organisation
The Lake Chad Basin Commission is a Regional Government Organisation(5 Members: Cameroon, Central African Republic, Chad, Niger, Nigeria).

Structure of LCBC:

  1. The Summit of Heads of State
  2. The Council of Commissioners (2 Ministers each)
  3. The Executive Secretariat
  4. Executive Secretary
  5. Assistant Executive Secretary
  6. 5 Operational Departments


Department of Water Resources and Environment

Environment Unit: collection and analysis of basic data on the environment for monitoring the conventional Basin ecosystems; monitoring water, soil and air pollution within the basin; assessing the environmental impacts of the regional projects within the basin.

Department of Planning, Monitoring and Evaluation

Remote Sensing Unit: collection and analysis of satellite imagery with a view to monitoring the Lake and the natural resources in the Basin; design and operational management of geo-information production.