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Swiss Federal Office for Agriculture (BLW) - Agroscope research stations
Research Organisation

The main task of Agroscope's three research stations is research for the Federal Office for Agriculture (BLW).

The goals are defined in Agroscope's research concept for 2008-2011:

  1. An economically competitive agricultural sector
    Competitiveness and innovation, safe and high-quality food at market-compliant prices, lower production costs.
  2. An ecologically and ethologically responsible agricultural sector
    Preservation and sustainable use of natural resources such as soil, water, air, landscape and biodiversity, improvement of material and energy efficiency, understanding of ecosystem interrelations, assessment of technology consequences, ecotoxicology in the agricultural sector, environmental performances by the agricultural sector, species-appropriate animal husbandry, animal welfare.
  3. Socially compatible development of the agricultural sector
    Improved value creation in rural areas, income situation in connection with life quality, structural dynamics, adaptation possibilities, effects on rural areas.
  4. Early detection
    Provision of knowledge for future challenges. Areas such as nutrition and health, product innovation, quality and environmental standards, product flows, closed loops, climate change are becoming increasingly important.
  5. Problem-oriented system research
    Effective problem solutions often require cross-disciplinary and innovative system approaches.
  6. Communication
    Research results must be made available to users in a customer-oriented manner. Research must be transparent and initiate a dialogue with the general public that generates a lot of media attention.