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Institute For Nature Conservation and Biodiversity (ICNB), Division of Information and Communications
Ministry or Agency
The ICNB (Institute for Nature Conservation and Biodiversity) is the institute responsible for the national activities in the domains of the conservation of nature and management of the Protected Areas.

Its responsibilities are:
a) Promote strategy, plans and programs, in the scope of the conservation of the nature;
b) Study and make the inventory of the ecological factors and systems, particularly for what concerns their composition, structure, functioning and productivity, in strict collaboration with the interested services;
c) Elaborate studies and propose measures aiming the preservation of the genetic heritage, the rational management of the wild flora and fauna and the protection of the species;
d) Propose the creation of protected areas and assure their implementation and management, through the national network of protected areas;
e) Promote and elaborate the planning map of the protected areas nationwide;
f) Promote and elaborate studies related with the dynamics of the sea coast and the microclimatology of the ecosystems and biotopes;
g) Collaborate with public or private, national or international institutions, or local authorities within the exent of its responsibilities ;
h) Be an administrative and scientific authority of the Convention on the International Trade of Extinction Species of the Threatened Wild Fauna and Flora (CITES);
i) Support technically and financially public and private entities, whose objectives fall within ICN responsibilities.

To pursue its aims the ICN can, on the basis of an authorization of the Minister of the Environment, participate as member, in institutions, associations and foundations that have as objective the preservation and conservation of the nature.