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Kenya Wildlife Service, Wetlands Programme
Ministry or Agency
KWS is a government agency mandated to sustainably conserve and manage biodiversity in Kenya. The activities of the organization include :
  • Management of Nationals Parks & Reserves
  • Formulate policies regarding the conservation, management and utilization of biodiversity
  • Advise the Government on establishment of National Parks, Reserves and other protected wildlife sanctuaries
  • Provide wildlife conservation education and extension services
  • Sustain wildlife to meet conservation and management goals
  • Conduct and coordinate research activities in the field of wildlife conservation & management
  • Administer and co-ordinate international protocols, conventions and treaties regarding biodiversity including implementation of Ramsar activities
  • Render services to the farming and ranching communities in Kenya necessary for the protection of agriculture and animal husbandry against destruction by wildlife
  • Implementing agency of Ramsar, CMS, AEWA and CITES conventions.
  • GlobWetland