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Min. Env. Italy - NCD

Italian Ministry for Environment and Territory; Nature Conservation Directorate, Division 4, Section I: Protected Areas, Natural Reserves and Wetlands
Ministry or Agency
The organisation rules of the Ministry for the Environment and Territory establish that the Nature Conservation Directorate is responsible for:
  • definition and control of safeguard and sustainable development programmes of protected natural areas
  • investigations for the institution of national Parks and State natural reserves
  • preparation of legal and administrative documentation for the institution and management of natural protected areas
  • administrative and technical support to the Consulta of natural protected areas
  • promotion and coordination of technical-scientific research and experimentation activities for nature, fauna, flora and biodiversity conservation
  • definition of programmes for environmental education and training and employment in protected areas promotion
  • financial resources distribution, administrative and accounting control towards the Parks, technical support to development activities of Parks
  • reporting to the Parliament about functioning and management of national parks
  • fauna, flora and biodiversity safeguard, support to international activities concerning the CBD and national implementation of related duties.
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