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Min. Env. Greece

Ministry of the Environment and Public Works, Environment Planning Division, Natural Environment Management Section
Ministry or Agency
The Environment Planning Division of the Greek Minsitry of Environment is responsible for:
  • Planning and management of ecosystem and areas of special interest;
  • Submission of programmes and projects for conservation of wild fauna;
  • Coordination for the elaboration of national strategy, policy measures, programmes and projects for nature conservation and wise use of natural resources in the context of the relevant International Conventions and Agreements the EU legislation and national legislation. In this context the Directorate General for the Environment is the designated Ramsar Administrative Authority (Head: Mr Ioannis Vournas) and the designated National Focal Point is Mrs Demetra Spala – Natural Environment Management Section;
  • Representation of the Hellenic Republic to International Conventions and Agreements and the EU mechanisms, related to nature conservation.
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