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French Intitute for the Environment
Ministry or Agency
The French Institute for the Environment (Institut français de l'environnement or IFEN) was established by Decree no. 91-1177 of November 18 1991. It is a public administrative body under the authority of the French Ministry of Environment and constitutes its statistical department (under Ministerial Order of December 22 1993).

  • IFEN undertakes and coordinates the collection, processing and dissemination of statistics and data on the environment as well as on natural and technological risks.
  • It helps to define and harmonise methodologies used to gather environmental data for the purpose of general knowledge.
  • IFEN conducts studies and reports on the state of the environment and trends, the economic and social dimensions of the environment and is devising a system of sustainable development indicators.
  • IFEN is also the focal point of the European Environment Agency (EEA) based in Copenhagen (Denmark). It is involved in the work undertaken by international organisations (EUROSTAT, OECD and the UN) and in bilateral cooperation programmes.

    IFEN is located in Orléans (1 hour south of Paris). Guidance in its work is provided by three bodies: the Board comprising 23 members, the Scientific Council (15 members) and the Users' Committee (15 members).

    Working closely with the relevant national and international institutions, particularly EEA, IFEN's task is to produce and disseminate scientific and statistical documents and information in the following areas:
  • land use and natural resources
  • land cover and landscapes
  • the state of fauna, flora, terrestrial and marine ecosystems
  • protection of coastal and mountain areas and other protected or sensitive areas
  • water quality and pollutant discharges
  • air quality and pollutant emissions
  • soil quality
  • waste management
  • noise
  • the urban environment
  • the release of chemicals and the resulting impacts on the environment
  • natural and technological risks
  • public opinion and behaviour concerning the environment.
  • GlobWetland