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Italian Glaciological Committee
Ministry or Agency
The Italian Glaciological Committee (CGI) has been working in Italy since 1895, with the task of promoting and coordinating research in the field of glaciology.

First born as a commission of the Italian Alpine Club (CAI) for the study of Italian glaciers, the CGI became an independent organism in 1915, with the support of the National Research Council and of other organizations and associations interested in the glaciological research.

Since its origin the main activity of the CGI has been the systematic monitoring of the glaciers and, in particular, the measure of the front variations. For this purpose every year, at the end of the ablation summer season, a glaciological survey is carried out during which measures and photographs from fixed points, observations of the snow cover and of the front morphology are taken.

This activity has never been interrupted, except during war periods, supplying therefore one of the longest series of observations of the glacial front variations in the world. At present, approximately 150 glaciers are monitored every year by a large number of voluntary surveyors, also linked to other associations.

In parallel the CGI promoted studies on single glaciers, with geophysical, topographical, glaciological and hydrological surveys, and organized eight national glaciological conferences since 1970.

Although the Committee activity mainly concerns the Italian glaciers, many members of the CGI participated or promoted glaciological investigations in other mountain chains and in the polar areas.