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Eurimage S.p.A.
For more than thirteen years, Eurimage has been providing global satellite digital and photographic data, both directly to end customers and through a network of more than 150 expert Application Providers world-wide.

Products include visible and infrared optical data and radar, offering a variety of mission and sensor types to meet the widest range of user needs.

Institutional clients include the Joint Research Centre of the European Union, the UN Food and Agriculture Organization, UN High Commission for Refugees, the European Union Satellite Centre and other international organizations.

Eurimage’s shareholders are Telespazio (Italy), and Astrium (Germany/France/UK).

Eurimage is the Exclusive Distributor for customers in Europe and the Mediterranean basin (except for non-international organizations in Italy) of world-wide products from the DigitalGlobe high-resolution QuickBird mission, which provides data at up to 60-centimetres resolution, the highest resolution available from any commercial satellite. As the European Space Agency’s cost-sharing partner in the Landsat programme, Eurimage has global distribution rights for ESA Landsat 1—5 and 7 data.

Eurimage is an official ESA commercial distributor with a world-wide distribution license for both ERS and ENVISAT data through the EMMA Consortium, in which Eurimage is the Master Distributor.

Through agreements at international level with satellite operators and receiving stations, Eurimage also provides Landsat data from the US Geological Survey, Ikonos data from Space Imaging Inc. and Space Imaging Eurasia, SPOT 1—5, IRS, NOAA/AVHRR and Radarsat.