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Norwegian Ministry of Agriculture - Institute of Land Inventory
Ministry or Agency
The Norwegian Institute of Land Inventory (Norsk institutt for jord- og skogkartlegging, NIJOS) is an independent, public institute under the Norwegian Ministry of Agriculture.

NIJOS is Norway's major supplier of data on soil, forest, outfield and landscape resources. The information supplied by NIJOS is vital for agriculture, forestry and other land-based enterprises, as well as for land-use and environmental management.

NIJOS provides basic, unbiased biological and environmental data, which is required in order to ensure the sustainable utilization of our natural resources.

Many of the 130 employees at NIJOS spend the summer months collecting field data, which then are used, e.g., in the production of maps and the preparation of environmental statistics. The staff at NIJOS cooperates closely with experts at numerous scientific institutions, including several departments and affiliated institutes of the Agricultural University of Norway (NLH), also located in Aas as NIJOS.

NIJOS is also the main provider of data on emissions and removals of Greenhouse gasses by land-use change and forestry.