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Geographic Resource Analysis & Science A/S

GRAS is specialised in earth observation, satellite image processing and GIS for assessment of natural resources, environmental monitoring and very high resolution mapping. Since 2000, more than 150 projects in 50 countries worldwide have been completed. GRAS has a strong background in remote sensing for water quality, environmental assessment and vegetation mapping. Land cover and forest cover mapping has been carried out in most parts of the world and often in interdisciplinary project settings in close collaboration with botanists, ecologists, coastal experts, geologists, anthropologists, engineers etc. Consequently GRAS is used to adapting solutions and outputs to the specific needs of the user and the project context.

GRAS works closely with universities, research institutions and commercial partners in order to develop innovative and cost effective applications that can be applied in a range of different projects. GRAS is associated with and located at the Department of Geography and Geology, University of Copenhagen ensuring a very close link to the remote sensing research community.

The company was created in October 2000 jointly by DHI and the University of Copenhagen and GRAS is today the leading specialized remote sensing company in Denmark. GRAS is a not-for-profit company wholly owned by DHI; generated revenue is used for further research and development within earth observation.