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Infoterra GmbH
Aerospace survey and mapping company

Building on over 20 years of experience in commercial Earth Observation, Infoterra is a world leader in the provision of geographic information products and services.

Launched in January 2001, Infoterra is a 100% owned subsidiary of EADS Astrium, Europe's leading space company.

Infoterra was formed by integrating the 'Earth Observation Services' division of Astrium GmbH, Germany and the National Remote Sensing Centre Ltd. (NRSC Ltd.), UK. It is now comprised of Infoterra Ltd. in the UK and Infoterra GmbH in Germany and has a number of other partners around the world, including joint ventures in the Arabian Gulf and Hungary.

Infoterra acquires and processes a huge variety of airborne and satellite data to generate client specific information products worldwide.

Currently Infoterra provides unique access to a huge range of earth observation satellite data. This capability will be substantially enhanced when TerraSAR-X, a new X-band radar satellite, is launched in 2005. This will allow a host of uniquely client-targeted information products to be generated.

Infoterra has a highly skilled staff, including experts in geological exploration, environmental management, agriculture, forestry, cartography, and telecommunications planning. In addition, Infoterra's staff are skilled in the development of systems software specific to the management of geographic data.

Furthermore, Infoterra supports the European "Global Monitoring for Environment and Security" GMES, which was initiated jointly by the European Space Agency (ESA) and the European Commission (EC). Infoterra understands this initiative as a major opportunity to provide operational information for monitoring and management of the environment and for security.