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Cartographic Institute of Catalonia (ICC)
Ministry or Agency
The Cartographic Institute of Catalonia is a mapping Agency, whose purpose is to achieve the technical tasks for the development of the cartographic and geologic information:
  • Producing, reproducing and spreading basic cartographic works which are carried out through programs that work all over Catalonia.
  • Densifying and surveying the lower order geodetic network. ­
  • Achieving the road cartography projects necessary for the roads and public works projects that are to be carried out in Catalonia. ­
  • Executing programs for the development of thematic cartography as well as for the cartography intended for the evaluation of resources by means of remote sensing techniques used to estimate areas affected by fires, land use, geology, etc. ­
  • Creating, structurating and organizing the Cartoteca de Catalunya (Catalonia Map Library) which coordinates the compilation and study of the available cartographic and geographical documentation. ­
  • Creating a cartographic database in order to use automatic systems in the cartographic design which enables, not only obtaining basic cartography but also its immediate exploitation for different services such as public works, official land registry, etc. ­
  • Doing the technical coordination of the cartographic works done by public or private institutions and, if might be the case, the cooperation with public organizations, either of the autonomic communities or the State itself, as well as with private organizations with similar purposes. ­
  • Publishing and circulating the works done by the Institute that might be of public or scientific interest.
In this context, the ICC does a cartographic service of official nature or general interest for the Generalitat, as well as undertaking studies and works assigned or requested by any other public or private institutions. Since its origin, the ICC intends on the obtention of a quality cartography able to allow the planning and support of the many different works that are being carried out.