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Mediterranean Wetlands Observatory
Non-governmental Organization

The Mediterranean Wetlands Observatory (MWO) is a MedWet/Tour du Valat initiative to monitor and assess Mediterranean wetlands. The MWO functions as a group of partners committed to this purpose. The key message of the observatory is “sharing knowledge on Mediterranean wetlands so as to ensure their protection”. The main objectives of the Observatory are to ensure and standardise the monitoring of the status and trends of Mediterranean wetlands in the 27 members countries of the MedWet initiative.

The Observatory has three inter-related objectives to monitor and assess wetlands:

  • Provide timely and quality information on Mediterranean wetlands status and trends.
  • Track threats to Mediterranean wetlands and identify actions to promote their protection, wise use and restoration.
  • Assess the role of Mediterranean wetlands in the Mediterranean context of sustainable development.

The first objective encompasses the knowledge of the status and trends of Mediterranean wetlands. This objective provides information on a status that is a consequence of internal and external drivers and pressures on wetlands. The second objective is to analyse the causes of the changing status and trends of wetlands. The third objective is to assess how Mediterranean wetlands are considered and treated within the context of sustainable development, at the policy, strategic and scientific levels.

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