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Municipality of Seville

Municipality of Seville
Ministry or Agency

The office of infrastructures for sustainability of the municipality is organised in four services:

  1. Observatory of Urban Sustainability.
  2. Public Lighting.
  3. Co-ordination of Public Ways.
  4. Social Housing Office.

This City Council Department works in close collaboration with the Department of Urbanism. The department was created in May 2007, with the objective of finding and applying energy efficiency policies in the urban planning and execution, and in the actual behaviour of the Council as a consumer of energy.

The Observatory of Urban Sustainability, among other tasks, is currently working on the “INDICATORS PLAN”. This plan intends to develop a number of indicators of sustainability that will be compulsory to apply in urban planning and execution.

The metropolitan area of Seville is 1,392 km2 large with 1,1 million inhabitants.