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Center for Terrestrial Carbon Dynamics
United Kingdom
Research Organisation
The NERC Earth Observation Centre of Excellence for Terrestrial Carbon Dynamics began its five-year contract with NERC on 1 January, 2002. Its task is essentially to provide the scientific basis for understanding the role of terrestrial ecosystems in the carbon cycle, and for reducing the uncertainties in the terrestrial carbon budget. This major initiative combines the expertise of ecologists, mathematical modellers, forest specialists, Earth Observation scientists and statisticians, drawn from five institutions: the Universities of Edinburgh, Sheffield and York, University College London, and Forest Research. In addition, there are important collaborations with the Centre d'Etudes du Biosphere (CESBIO), Toulouse, the Joint Research Centre of the European Community, Ispra and the University of Maryland. When fully staffed, it will employ 10 Research Assistants, an Administrator and Computer/Data Manager, working in a well integrated multi-disciplinary environment, in an ambitious, exciting and important research programme.