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The Centre for Marginal Land-Affairs for North-eastern Asia
Non-governmental Organization

The organization is composed by the

  • Heilongjiang Meteorological Bureau, China;
  • National Center for Atmospheric Research, USA;
  • the Digital Environmental Inc. Canada;
  • the United Nations University, Japan and
  • State Hydro-meteorological University, Russia.

The main activities of the organization aim to meet the societal need for a better understanding of the many ways that climate variability and change (on a variety of time scales from seasons to centuries) affects ecosystems and the affairs of people and nations.

As a local center of the Climate Affair Capacity Building Program in a forest dominant region, the center interacts with different local environment related agencies such as the forest departments, agro-meteorological departments and other research or operational organizations in the issues of aforestation, re-forestation, disaster (forest fire) prevention and relief.

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