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Non-governmental Organization

Tornator is, with about 600,000 hectares of forestlands, the third largest forest owner in Finland. Tornator's core business is wood production and the sale of cutting rights. Tornator actively buys forestland near its current holdings. The company also provides forest management services, sells high-quality holiday home plots and extractable soil resources, and leases rights of access to its land. Tornator's net sales are some EUR 60 million. Tornator employs nearly 200 forestry professionals, mainly in eastern and southeastern Finland.


  • Tornator fully utilises forest resources and land property according to principles of sustainability.
  • Tornator fully utilises expert knowledge and human resources in forest investment and services.
  • Tornator expands internationally in co-operation with well-considered partners, leading to economies of scale and synergy benefits.


Tornator is an internationally respected forestry company.


  • Team spirit
  • Willingness to change
  • Performance
  • Responsibility


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