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World Climate Research Programme
Scientific Programme

The World Climate Programme (WCP) is an authoritative international scientific programme whose goals are to improve understanding of the climate system and to apply that understanding for the benefit of societies coping with climate variability and change. The World Climate Programme was established following the staging of the First World Climate Conference in Geneva, Switzerland in February 1979.

The vision of WMO is to provide world leadership in expertise and international cooperation in weather, climate, hydrology and water resources and related environmental issues and thereby contribute to the safety and well-being of people throughout the world and to the economic benefit of all nations.

The mission of WMO is to:

  • Facilitate worldwide cooperation in the establishment of networks of stations for the making of meteorological observations as well as hydrological and other geophysical observations related to meteorology, and to promote the establishment and maintenance of centres charged with the provision of meteorological and related services;
  • Promote the establishment and maintenance of systems for the rapid exchange of meteorological and related information;
  • Promote standardization of meteorological and related observations and to ensure the uniform publication of observations and statistics;
  • Further the application of meteorology to aviation, shipping, water problems, agriculture and other human activities;
  • Promote activities in operational hydrology and to further close cooperation between Meteorological and Hydrological Services;
  • Encourage research and training in meteorology and, as appropriate, in related fields, and to assist in coordinating the international aspects of such research and training.