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Hellenic Centre for Marine Research
Research Organisation

The Hellenic Centre for Marine Research (HCMR) was set up as a single institution in order to integrate government-funded marine science research in Greece. Formally established by government decree on June 3 2003, it combines the former research institutes NCMR and IMBC, together with their respective field stations.

Its present structure consists of five institutes, which carry out research into specific thematic areas:

  • Institute of Oceanography
  • Institute of Aquaculture
  • Institute of Marine Biological Resources
  • Institute of Inland Waters
  • Institute of Marine Biology and Genetics

The user requirements of HCMR within the GlobWave project are:

  • Long term time series of Hs, Tp, (swell and wind-wave) for stochastic modelling and extreme value prediction
  • Directional/non-directional wave spectra
  • Sea surface elevation
  • NRT info on spectra
  • Any info on roughness