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United Kingdom Met Office
United Kingdom
Ministry or Agency

International services:
The Met Office has international responsibilities for the provision of services. We are a Regional Specialised Met. Centre (RSMC) for Emergency Response and a World Area Forecast Centre for aviation.

International organisations:
As a national meteorological service (NMS) the Met Office relies heavily on international co-operation. It plays a major role within the World Meteorological Organization (WMO) and other intergovernmental organisations.

Capacity building:
The Met Office is committed to helping other countries improve their ability to cope with weather- and climate-related natural disasters and plays an active part in the WMO Voluntary Co-operation Programme (VCP), helping capacity building in other countries.

International projects:
Research and development play a vital role in all areas of meteorology and we are actively involved in numerous international collaborative projects, e.g. GEO and THORPEX.