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C.U.G.RI. University Centre for Research on Major Hazards
Scientific Programme

C.U.G.RI (Consorzio inter-Universitario per la Previsione e Prevenzione dei Grandi Rischi - University Centre for Research on Major Hazards) is a joint partnership between the University of Salerno and the “Federico II” University of Naples. Its activity is funded through contracts with both public and private organizations and its mission is to supply operational, technical and financial help in the field of the prediction and prevention major hazards and environmental threats, particularly in sectors of geology, geotechnical, hydraulic structural industrial engineering

CUGRI acts as a front end, so that all the staff from the two founding Universities can in principle operate within it, but it also operates in association with Private Companies, other Universities, and other Scientific Institutions

CUGRI is financially and administratively independent: its administrative office is in Penta di Fisciano near the main Campus of the University of Salerno and a branch office is located in Naples.