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HR Wallingford

HR Wallingford
United Kingdom

As a pioneer in coastal research, HR Wallingford offers a detailed knowledge of coastal environments and processes, the expertise to utilise a wide range of investigative techniques, and experience drawn from 60 years of coastal studies.

Our research provides improved understanding of sediment transport processes, of coastal erosion and flooding, and of the performance of coast protection structures, as well as new insights in to remote monitoring and the management of coastal data. As a result, HR Wallingford is recognised world-wide as a leading centre for coastal engineering and modelling.

We work with a range of clients, from consultants and contractors, to developers, local and regional governments, NGSs and private landowners. We can provide input at all stages of a project: from initial advice on the causes of a problem, to the specification of field survey work and onto detailed computational or physical modelling. As an independent organisation, we have no vested interest in any particular outcome, only in providing the best possible advice to those who seek it.

HR Wallingford user requirements in the GlobWave project are:

    Coastal applications;
  • directory of available wave data
  • repository of measured and modelled wave data
  • tools (graphical, statistical analysis). Should be OpenMI compliant
  • regular maintenance to ensure repository and directory remains up to date.