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BMT ARGOSS holds extensive databases with satellite observations of wind, waves and tides and runs state of the art numerical models to provide high quality MetOcean and atmospheric information. When required we set up dedicated high resolution atmospheric, wave or tidal models that provide detailed insight into the environmental conditions of a specific site of interest.

In addition to the services described above, BMT ARGOSS also offers efficient solutions by integrating satellite observation data with measurements and ocean models.

Solutions are offered for:

  • Calibrated quality-controlled wave data, mainly Hs, but also directional spectra, wave period/direction
  • surface wind data
  • NRT for forecast validation, but also archived.
  • Simple and rapid access to data based on given time and space coords.
  • GlobWave could provide central point of access to consistently calibrated and quality-checked EO wave data from all missions, plus metadata for variance estimate (for assimilation)
  • Knowledge base for processing, cal, etc
  • In-situ data, software and knowledge (papers, reports) exchange. AoI: Local to Global.