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Institute for Environmental Protection and Research
Ministry or Agency

ISPRA performs, with the inherent financial resources, equipment and personnel, the duties of:

  • ex-APAT, Italian Environment Protection and Technical Services Agency
  • ex-INFS, National Institute for Wildlife
  • ex-ICRAM, Central Institute for Scientific and Technological Research applied to the Sea

The Italian Environment Protection and Technical Services Agency, APAT (Agenzia per la Protezione dell'Ambiente e per i servizi Tecnici), established in 1999 carries out scientific and technical activities at national level, providing protection, enhancement and improvement for the environment, the water resources and the soil. Playing this role, APAT has been and is currently involved in different national and international projects to monitor air quality. In particular, ISPRA already provides Air Quality measurements in 24 metropolitan locations in Italy (see and, in the framework of SEIS (Shared Environmental Information System), is engaged in the “Near Real Time – Air Quality Information” Project. The purpose of this project is to allow final users to have information on air quality in near real time. The data, provided by ground based measurements stations, are shared with EEA (Environmental European Agency) and distributed via the “ozone web” system.

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