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MeteoSwiss, in collaboration with other National Weather Services and universities and based on recent research results, is permanently working on improving its methods and procedures for the benefit of the Swiss society and economy.

Research and Development at MeteoSwiss have a clear goal: to make use of meteorological knowledge and the latest results of academic research in order to provide practical applications. By doing this, we strengthen know-how and innovation at MeteoSwiss and make new methods available for the benefit of the community.

Research projects
MeteoSwiss is involved in several Research projects on both national and international level. There are three project groups, to do with their main focus:

  • Forecasting (weather forecasts, warnings, seasonal outlook, pollen, etc.)
  • Measuring (e.g. radar, wind profilers or SwissMetNet)
  • Climate (e.g. climate analysis, homogenization)

Research activities often lead to the development of new products. Some examples:

  • SMART (automatic information system for aeronautical meteorology),
  • NinJo (meteorological software for forecasters – the result of an international co-operation),
  • radar products such as RAIN (distribution of precipitation gained from radar information)
  • the high resolution numerical weather model COSMO.