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Umwelt Bundes Amt
Ministry or Agency

For man and the environment is the mission statement of the Federal Environment Agency (UBA). Founded in 1974, the UBA is Germany’s central federal authority on environmental matters. Its key statutory mandates are:

  • To provide scientific support to the Federal Government (e.g.. the Federal Ministries for Environment; Health; Research; Transport, Building and Urban Affairs);
  • Implementation of environmental laws (e.g. emissions trading, authorisation of chemicals, pharmaceuticals, and plant protection agents)
  • Information of the public about environmental protection.

Identifying tomorrow’s problems today. The UBA sees itself as an early warning system which detects potential future adverse impacts on mankind and his environment in a timely fashion, assesses associated risks, and offers proposals for practicable solutions. To that end, experts at the Agency carry out research in in-house laboratories in addition to commissioning research projects to scientific institutions in Germany and abroad. The UBA adopts an exacting interdisciplinary approach in its activities. For example, economists, chemists, biologists or legal experts may well work together to find solutions to environmental problems. The Agency can thereby cover a wide range of topic areas and rely on the high level of commitment and motivation of its staff. UBA acts as partner and Germany’s contact point for many international organisations, including the WHO.