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EOX IT Services GmbH
Research Organisation

The main area of EOX activities concerns the development and advancement of e-Environment and geo-spatial information infrastructures with special emphasis placed on satellite Earth Observation systems and next generation applications. EOX is strongly aligned and committed towards utilizing Open Standards, Open Source Software, and Web services (in EOX's main field these are those in accordance with OGC, W3C, ISO, CEOS, and ESA).

EOX has been founded in the year 2008 as a Management Buyout/Spin-Off of then ten year long operating "Intelligent Infrastructures and Space Applications" department belonging to the Austrian Research Centers GmbH – ARC, Austria’s largest Contract Research Organization. The EOX shareholders and co-founders in person are also the key staff members operating the company in full independence.

EOX is a partner of choice in major European environment monitoring and space programs for research and development among which the European GMES and SEIS initiatives are the most important ones. EOX has also a consumer mass market orientation by offering development services for integrated applications of remote sensing, satellite positioning and mobile communication.

The EOX Team has proven records related to its capability to manage IT projects, its practice in quality assurance and its experience with a wide range of tools in the information technology and communication domain. EOX gathers internationally well known experts in the fields of Geospatial Data Infrastructures, online Earth-observation and GIS services, Web-based information and factual data user services, as well as standards for international interoperability. Strong personal affiliations exist with related system developments in international organizations (CEOS, OGC, ISO, ESA, EEA, EC JRC, IAEA, etc.) and with numerous projects implementing decision support services in geospatial and regional planning domains.