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Norwegian Water Resources and Energy Directorate
Ministry or Agency
The Norwegian Water Resources and Energy Directorate (NVE) is subordinated to the Ministry of Petroleum and Energy, and is responsible for the administration of Norway´s water and energy resources.

The goals of NVE are to ensure consistent and environmentally sound management of water resources, promote an efficient energy market and cost-effective energy systems, and contribute to the economic utilization of energy.

NVE forms Norway’s national centre of expertise for hydrology and play a central role in organizing contingency measures against floods and other emergencies related to watercourses. It is in charge of maintaining power supplies under emergency conditions nationwide.

NVE takes part in R&D and international cooperative efforts in relevant fields, and is the national competent authority on hydrology. NVE headquarters are in Oslo, with regional offices in Tønsberg, Hamar, Førde, Trondheim and Narvik.