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Institute of Earth Physics of Paris
Research Organisation
As an Institute of Research and Higher Education in Geosciences associated with the CNRS, IPGP has the responsibility by national decree to observe, study, and monitor natural phenomena and to undertake research, university teaching and training, and public outreach in the ambit of the physical earth sciences which can lead to prevention and mitigation of seismic and volcanic risk.

It is thus responsible for monitoring French active volcanoes in Reunion island (Indian ocean), Soufrière (Guadeloupe), and Montagne Pelée (Martinique) and seismicity in the French Lesser Antilles Arc, for the French contribution to global seismologic via GEOSCOPE, and to tsunami monitoring in the Indian Ocean and in the Caribbean Sea, and for the French contribution to INTERMAGNET (world magnetic observatories).

The Karthala Volcanic Observatory is actively contributing to the GLOBVOLCANO project.