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Spanish Council of Scientific Research - Complutensian University of Madrid
Research Organisation
The CSIC is the largest public research body in Spain. It plays an active role in the science policy of all the autonomous regions through their centres across Spain. As a multidisciplinary body it covers all fields of knowledge, from basic research through to advanced technological development.

The CSIC collaborates with Universities, Public Research Bodies, Private firms, Professional associations, Foundations, Autonomous Regions, Local Authorities, and Provincial Councils.

The Complutensian University of Madrid (UCM) is an institution of higher learning founded in 1508 at Alcalá de Henares, in the province of Madrid, and moved in 1836 to the city of Madrid.

The Institute of Astronomy and Geodesy, of the Faculty of Mathematical Sciences, is a joint Centre of CSIC and UCM founded in 1971, hosted at the University.