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University of Toronto

Department of Geography and Program in Planning
Research Organisation

The University of Toronto is committed to being an internationally significant research university, with undergraduate, graduate and professional programs of excellent quality.


The University will continue to promote high quality research. The University is committed to:

  1. Providing an environment conductive to research;
  2. Emphasizing research, publication and related professional contributions in defining the career expectations of professorial staff;
  3. Ensuring that faculties and schools engaged in undergraduate teaching also engage in graduate teaching and research;
  4. Maintaining a capacity to respond selectively to new fields of research as they emerge;
  5. Requiring national and international peer assessment of the quality of its programs;
  6. Collaborating with other universities, industry, business, the professions, public sector institutions and governments, where appropriate to research objectives;
  7. Providing information, library and research services of the highest international standards.