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Fisheries Resources Research Institute
Ministry or Agency
FIRRI is the national institution mandated to undertake, promote and streamline fisheries research in Uganda and to ensure dissemination and application of research results. The mandate areas include: capture fisheries; fishing technology; fish production processes; aquatic environmental health; aquaculture; and post harvest processes.

The functions of FIRRI are to:

Generate, package, disseminate scientific knowledge, build capacity, and manage research to guide:

  1. Sustainable management of fish stocks;
  2. Conservation of aquatic biodiversity;
  3. Integrating Lake Productivity processes into fisheries management;
  4. Prevention of pollution and eutrophication (over-fertilization) of the aquatic environment;
  5. Control of invasive waterweeds especially water hyacinth;
  6. Enhancement of aquaculture production;
  7. Reduction of post-harvest fish losses and ensuring fish quality;
  8. Development of options for optimisation of socio-economic benefits from fisheries and, for co-management, and
  9. Development of policies, laws and regulations for management of fisheries and the aquatic environment.
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