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Internation Ocean Carbon Coordination Project
Scientific Programme
The IOCCP undertakes specific tasks and provides ready expertise on ocean carbon observations and research, including ocean carbon sequestration issues, as required by SCOR, IOC, their programs (e.g., IMBER, SOLAS, OOPC, GOOS, GCOS, and JCOMM) and their Member States.
(i) Works with the ocean carbon research projects and broader international community to collect and compile information on current and planned ocean carbon observations and research activities, and develop and maintain a central international information center on ocean carbon research and observations.
(ii) Provides an international forum for initiatives to promote high-quality observations needed to understand the ocean component of the global carbon cycle.
(iii) Advises IOC, SCOR, OOPC, GOOS, GCOS, and JCOMM on observations and data products needed for large-scale monitoring of the global carbon cycle.