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National Centre for Meteorological Research, Meteo France
Intergovernmental Organisation
Within Météo-France, the National Centre for Meteorological Research (CNRM) is the department responsible for conducting the largest part of the meteorological research activities, and for co-ordinating research and development undertakings conducted within other departments. Primarily oriented towards the needs of public utility in the domain of meteorology, the research actions encompass the atmosphere, extending to, and including, closely related fields and boundaries, such as atmospheric chemistry, upper ocean, physics and dynamics of the snow cover, surface hydrology, ... To carry out its missions, CNRM hosts approximately 225 permanent staff (one-third being research scientists), and 45 students and visitors.

The research is conducted in close co-operation, at the national level with atmospheric laboratories from other institutions and agencies (Universities, National Centre for Scientific Research CNRS -of which CNRM is also the "GAME" joint laboratory-, etc.) and, at the international level, with many different foreign research laboratories. This collaboration is realised through: participation to multidisciplinary research programmes such as IGBP, WCRP, French national programmes; organisation of, and participation to, international and national large-scale field experiments (such as HAPEX-Sahel, BOREAS, PYREX, FASTEX, TOGA-COARE,.MAP,...); participation to the management of heavy systems (atmospheric research aircraft, massively parallel computer machines, ...). CNRM also tightly co-operates with the European Centre for Medium-Range Weather Forecasts ECMWF through joint undertakings such as the development of new-generation atmospheric models.