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Portuguese Hydrographic Institute
Ministry or Agency
The Instituto Hidrográfico (IHPT) is a Navy organization, and a State Laboratory, dedicated to the research and technological development in the activities, for military and public service, related to the ocean sciences and technologies, contributing to the scientific study and the protection of the marine environment of Portugal.

Its main areas of activity comprise:

- Hydrography and cartography

  • Multibeam survey
  • Digital cartography
  • Electronic navigation charts
- Oceanography – physical, chemical and geological
  • Geological and geophysical methods
  • Hydrocarbonates, heavy metals and nutrients analysis
  • Observational oceanography
  • Numerical oceanography
  • Military-operational oceanography
  • Portuguese DGPS network:
  • Notice to Mariners

    Environmental information system

  • Marine Environment Geographic Information System Project
  • Integrates data and information that IHPT produces on the marine environment – bathymetry, physical oceanography, chemistry and marine geology