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French Naval Hydrographic and Oceanographic Service
Ministry or Agency
The French Naval Hydrographic and Oceanographic Service has a twofold vocation:
  • As a public service for general hydrography:

    for the benefit of all sea users, especially to ensure the safety of navigation, in accordance with France international agreements
    • by collecting, processing and disseminating nautical information;
    • by elaborating nautical document;
    • by managing and enriching hydrographic knowledge (hydrographic data collection) in the French maritime areas.

  • As a naval agency for military hydro-oceanography:

    to meet Defence requirements related with the knowledge of marine environment
    • by collecting, processing & disseminating meteo-oceanographic information necessary for naval operations;
    • by elaborating synthetic documents, on thematic or regional basis, meeting needs of naval forces;
    • by making studies, research & development, completing civilian oceanographic programs, in order to meet specific military requirements.