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Regione Campania

Soil Conservation Division of the Campania Region
Ministry or Agency
The following are the field of actions of the Soil Conservation division of Regione Campania:
  • to maintain the relations with the river basins Authorities;
  • to finance interventions on the territory for the realization of structures for soil conservation and hydrogeologic stability;
  • to elaborate legal procedures pertaining barrage structures and water storages of regional competence;
  • to implement check actions aimed to accelerate the implementation of the interventions foreseen by the soil conservation program;
  • to carry forward geologic studies in the field of National Geologic Cartography project and Inventory of the Landslide Phenomena in Italy of the National Geologic Service;
  • to participate , as a technical-scientific function, to the activities of Regional System of Civil Protection in pre-emergency and emergency phases.