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Malta International Airport
Malta International Airport plc was registered on the 16th May 1991, starting operations on 1st January 1992, initially managing and operating only the air terminal and later the entire Airport. Its present responsibility consists principally in the management and operation of the airport servicing all travelers in and out of Malta. Before 1992 these activities had been undertaken by the by the Government's Department of Civil Aviation, and then by the Government's Air Terminal Department since 1st January 1989.

MIA's principal business is the managing and operation of Malta's only airport. Tourism remains the single most important factor that impacts on the passenger throughput at the Airport.

MIA's core air terminal operations include general passenger services, and the operation of an extensive range of retail services at the Airport. MIA also lets out office space to airlines and other travel related operators at the airport.

The airport is a member of ACI-EUROPE (Airport Council International - Europe) and a number of company officials sit in specialized committees and working groups of the organization.

The TEMIS project provides UV forecasts for 5 days at Malta to MIA. They show these forecasts on their weather web-site for the general public and tourists