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Baltic Operational Oceanographic System (BOOS)
Scientific Programme
The Baltic Operational Oceanographic System (BOOS) constitutes a close cooperation between national governmental agencies in the countries surrounding the Baltic Sea responsible for collection of observations, model operations and production of forecasts, services and information for the marine industry, the public and other end users.

The goals of BOOS are to:

  • Improve and further establish services to meet the requirements of environmental and maritime user groups;
  • Co-ordinate, improve and harmonise observation and information systems, where necessary
  • Decrease the production costs of public products and services by sharing the workload
  • Identify new customers and further develop the market for operational oceanographic products
  • Develop BOOS pursuant to the GOOS Principles
  • Provide high quality data and long time series required to advance the scientific understanding of the Baltic Sea
  • Provide data and forecasts to protect the marine environment, conserve biodiversity, and monitor climate change and variability