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Norwegian Meteorological Institute's Marine Forecasting Centre (MFC)
Ministry or Agency

The Norwegian Meteorological Institute ( Marine Forecasting Centre, MFC, was established in 1996 to improve service to the offshore industry regionally and to the shipping industry globally.

MFC has the operational responsibility within the Norwegian Meteorological Institute for dedicated and specialised marine services. Their main business is to run a complete operational service for marine operations, focusing on the North Sea, Norwegian Sea, Barents Sea and the Faeroe Shelf.This service will typically include a quality-assured site-specific forecast, together with a selection of weather maps, observation, satellite picture etc. Operational staffs include one full 24-hour shift of marine meteorologists trained specially in oceanography, thus satisfying the customer’s needs for a quality-assured service which is available for immediate consulting.

MFC also employs research and development staff, enabling them to respond to customers specific requirements, and to participate in national and international collaboration within operational MetOcean R&D.