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Toulouse Volcanic Ash Advisory Center - Meteo France
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Volcanic ash clouds are a severe threat for aviation and can lead to very serious problems such as aircraft deterioration or jet engines flame-out. Pilots must therefore strictly avoid them. Given the seriousness of this newly recognized hazard, the International Airways Volcano Watch was born under the impulse and aegis of ICAO (International Civil Aviation Organization) with the co-operation of numerous states and several international organizations among which WMO (World Metorological Organization).
This international watch involves co-ordination between volcanological, meteorological and aviation communities and their communication networks.

The VAACs (Volcanic Ash Advisory Centres) provide reports to airlines about the location and expected movement of volcanic ash clouds. In case of an volcanic event rerouting of the airlines takes place. By now, nine VAACs distributed over the world have been designated by ICAOto provide their expertise to aviation.