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TIDAL information service for off-shore users worldwide
The TIDAL information service, for provision of tidal heights and currents to offshore users worldwide, is operational since March 2003 and shows a progressive increase of subscribers (presently 25).
In the TIDAL project, the Dutch value adding company ARGOSS, a provider of global marine environmental information for offshore and coastal applications, in collaboration with the Belgian governmental hydrographical office WWK and the Belgian engineering bureau HAECON, developed and launched a web-based service,, to provide tidal heights and currents for any location around the world. The service is based on the assimilation of 9 years of satellite altimeter measurements and data of approximately 5000 tidal stations in a tidal model. Users can generate statistical tidal information or time series for any location of interest through an easy accessible and interactive interface.

The service is operational since March 2003. At the moment there are more than 25 subscribers to the service which are divided over the following groups:

  • Civil-consultants
  • Dredging-contractors
  • Engineering companies
  • Marine-surveyors
  • Offshore-consultants
  • Offshore-contractors
  • Oil-gas companies
  • Warranty-surveyors
  • Scientific institutes
For the coming months cooperation agreements are under development with high resolution bathymetric data providers to upgrade the resolution of the service from effectively 8km by 8km now to better than 1km by 1km resolution in the near future, allowing access to the marine navigational market.

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