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DUE/DUP project users participate to the ENVISAT symposium

The users of nine DUE/DUP projects will present their findings and viewpoint during various sessions of this year’s ENVISAT Symposium in Salzburg, Austria, 6-10 September 2004.

The ENVISAT Symposium is a forum where the results of on-going research project activities exploiting ESA data are presented, and where the development of applications and services is reviewed and assessed. It is open to all interested parties, from scientists to operational users. The previous symposiums took place in Gothenburg (2000), Florence (1997), Hamburg (1993) and Cannes (1992).


During this year’s ENVISAT Symposium in Salzburg, a total of nine DUP/DUE ongoing projects will be presented from the users’ viewpoint, either during the special session "From research to applications" or within some of the thematic sessions. The projects to be presented are GLOBCARBON, MEDSPIRATION, BEGO, CONTRAILS, HUMAN, TEMIS, KYOTO-INV, EPIDEMIO and SLAM.

Each presentation will be given by a representative of the User organisations involved in the projects who will describe his motivation for participating, his information needs and requirements, his involvement in the project, the products he received and his assessment of them as well as his expectations for the remainder of the project and his future plans for use of Earth Observation based information. The following presentations are planned:

  1. L'Oréal and Solar UV Radiation (TEMIS project), François Christiaens, L’OREAL, France.
  2. Monitoring Aircraft Condensation Trails (CONTRAILS project), Frank Jelinek, EUROCONTROL
  3. Earth observation from space assisting in the protection of the UNESCO World Heritage sites: an example in Central Africa (BEGO project), Mario Hernandez, UNESCO
  4. Integration of Remote Sensing Techniques within Landslide Risk Analysis: The SLAM Project, Nicola Casagli, GNDCI-University of Florence, Italy.
  5. Humanitarian Mapping Service - HUMAN, Rémi Carrier, Médecins Sans Frontières
  6. EO in Epidemiology (EPIDEMIO project), Penelope Vounatsou, Swiss Tropical Institute
  7. KYOTO-INV: reporting on land use and forestry under the Kyoto Protocol, José Romero, Swiss Agency for the Environment, Forests and Landscape
  8. The GLOBCARBON Initiative: Multi-sensor Estimation of Global Biophysical Products for Global Terrestrial Carbon Studies, Stephen Plummer, IGBP
  9. MEDSPIRATION: Delivering a new generation of high resolution sea surface temperature data products, Craig Donlon, Met Office, UK.


Please consult the symposium website for updated information on the Envisat Symposium (

Contact point: Espen Volden (

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