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Results of 1st DUP Actors workshop
The 1st DUP Actors' Workshop took place at ESRIN Frascati on 16-17 September 1998.

Scope of the meeting:

  • Provision of mutual insight amongst Actors in the various projects undertaken in the framework of the DUP.
  • Discussion of problems of different nature (technical, logistical, political,etc..) that contractors have encountered.
  • Identification of opportunities for co-operations not yet established.
  • Verification of progress versus objectives of the DUP.
  • Recommendations of ways forward for the part of the Programme, which lies ahead.


  • Representative(s) from the projects (notably prime contractors).
  • Representative(s) from (some) partner companies.
  • The DUP Advisory Committee.
  • Representative from FAO
  • ESA project specialists.


  • The coherent presentations of the various projects, as well as the related discussions were found helpful by both contractors and delegates.
  • Contractors find the close co-operation with ESA specialists very fruitful (e.g. application of techniques).
  • Concern raised regarding sustenance of applications demonstrated in developing countries.
  • Most of the projects have institutional entities as potential end users.
  • The DUP is a useful vehicle for establishment of contacts and discussions with potential end users.
  • The DUP Actors state unanimously that the programme should continue beyond the 1st phase.
  • Subsidising is needed to develop market-oriented products.
  • Transition to operational commercial service is a gradual process, and the closer to its achievement the less support should be provided by ESA or National programmes.
  • Value adding companies also want to be the service providers.
  • Synergy between projects is so far rare, whereas co-operation amongst DUP Actors across Participating States is a pronounced feature of the programme.


  • The overall goals of the workshop were achieved.
  • The distance from pilot project demonstrations to robust operational end products is vast - and should not be under-estimated.
  • The strategy set out by the DUP Advisory Committee to follow through on projects already started is valid
  • Additional efforts needed to secure projects in developing countries.
  • A 2nd DUP Actors’ Workshop is scheduled for September 1999 - possibly with extended participation.

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