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Results of 2nd DUP Actors Workshop

The 2nd DUP Actors Workshop took place in ESRIN on 28-29 September 1999. During the presentations, priorities were given to problem areas faced by Industry when trying to establish a sustainable and operational service for the information produ

Other areas discussed during the workshop were the synergies with National programmes and international initiatives as well as the recommendations for further improvements to the Programme.

Most of the projects presented during the workshop have reached a good level of maturity. Success cases in the establishment of an operation service are emerging like the NRT Global Ozone Mapping with KNMI (NL) and the generation of Digital Elevation Maps for the planning of mobile telephone network with  ERNST BASLER&PARTNERS and  RSL (CH).

Projects in developing countries have shown good technical results but have demonstrated that efforts are still required to overcome logistic and political problems in order to achieve continuity in the provision of the service.

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