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User consultation

GlobVapour preparatory User consultation

The German Weather Service (DWD) and ESA are organizing a user consultation meeting for GlobVapour, at the DWD headquarters in Offenbach, Germany, 27 January 2009.

The focus of the meeting will be on the latest development in satellite water vapour retrievals and their applications to climate modelling.

Water vapour is a key gas in the atmosphere that is both chemically and radiatively active.

It is the strongest greenhouse gas on the planet, and in its condensed forms as liquid and ice exert a profound influence on both incoming solar and outgoing infrared radiation, but is not directly anthropogenically produced.

The objective of the GlobVapour project is to support users' requirements for a long time series of satellite borne global water vapour measurements by performing the following activities:

GlobVapour Consultation Meeting adopeted agenda:

08:30 Welcome
Werscheck, Bojkov
08:45 Background, Overview, Framework
09:15 Water vapour products from FU Berlin
09:45 Water vapour products from DMI
10:15 Break
10:35 Water vapour products from DLR and summary on AT2
11:15 Water vapour products from CM-SAF
11:45 Lunch

Discussions on other instruments (e.g., AATSR)

13:15 User applications, requirements, needs (Will)
User applications, requirements, needs (Dobler)
User applications, requirements, needs (Willen)
14:40 Break

Further discussions
Main focus, Road map, User Workshop, ...

15:45 Wrap-up


Bodo Ahrens (Uni Frankfurt, pm), Bojan Bojkov (ESA), Andreas Dobler (Uni F.), Jürgen Fischer (FU Berlin ), Barbara Früh (DWD), Kent Lauritsen (DMI), Diego Loyola (DLR), Marc Schröder (DWD), Lothar Schüller (EUMETSAT, am), Jörg Schulz (DWD), Martin Werscheck (DWD, am).