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ENVISAT Symposium 2007

The European Space Agency is organising the 2007 ENVISAT Symposium in Montreux, Switzerland, on 23-27 April 2007 with the support of the Swiss Space Office.

The 2007 ESA ENVISAT Symposium follows the previous successful Symposia in Salzburg (2004), Gothenburg (2000), Florence (1997), Hamburg (1993) and Cannes (1992).

The main objective of the ENVISAT Symposium is to present the results of the ESA EO missions in exploitation by:

  • providing a forum for investigators to present results of on-going research project activities;
  • using ENVISAT, ERS and ESA Third Party missions data;
  • reviewing the development of applications and services;
  • presenting the Global Monitoring for Environment and Security Service Element (GSE);
  • presenting the use of EO in support of International Environmental Conventions.

In addition, the Symposium will provide an opportunity to present future ESA and national EO missions.



The following themes will be presented during the Symposium:

  • Methodologies and Products: Calibration and Validation Results, New products and algorithms, Orbit Determination, Data Assimilation, InSAR Advances, Polarimetry
  • Atmosphere: Trace Gasses in the Troposphere and in the Stratosphere, Cloud and Aerosols, Solar UV, Atmospheric Applications
  • Meteorology and Climate: Climatology, Carbon Cycle, Water Cycle, Sea/Land/Atmosphere Interactions
  • Oceanography: Marine Geoid and Geodynamics, Ocean Circulation and Sea Level, Wind and Wave/Sea State Modelling, Ocean Color and SST, Coastal Zones, Oil Spills/Ship Detection, Fisheries
  • Cryosphere: Glaciology, Sea Ice, Polar Mass Balance
  • Hazards: Landslides, Subsidence, Earthquakes, Volcanoes, Floods, Fires, Tsunami, Typhoons, Hurricanes
  • Land Applications: Mapping, Land Cover and Land Use, Agriculture, Forestry, Urban, Geology, DEMs, Global Vegetation, Inland Waters, Soil Moisture, Snow, Permafrost, Archaeology, Epidemiology

Themes also include the ESA Programmes on Earth Observation Exploitation (GMES Service Element, DUE, EOMD, Dragon, Tiger and Bear), on Third Party Missions and Future Missions (ESA Earth Explorers, GMES Space Component)


A Special Session will be also dedicated to Global Environment and International Environmental Conventions (UNFCC, RAMSAR, UNCCD, UNCBD).


The Symposium is open to all interested parties, from scientists to operational users and industry, and will cover ESA ENVISAT, ERS missions and ESA Third Party Missions (e.g.: SPOT, ALOS…).
ESA expects presentations of results from the ESA Principal Investigators involved in AO or Category-1 projects. Scientists working within the framework of national investigations and projects are also welcome to contribute.
ERS and ENVISAT Data Distributing Entities, Value-Adding Companies and Service Providers are invited to participate.
National points of contact to International Environmental Conventions and related national experts (eg: IPCC) are also welcome to participate.

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