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Southampton Oceanography Centre, Laboratory for Satellite Oceanography, Univeristy of Southampton
United Kingdom
SOC Laboratory for Satellite Oceanography
University of Southampton
European Way,
Southampton SO14 3ZH
United Kingdom
Research Organisation
The SOC Laboratory for Satellite Oceanography (LSO) brings together expertise in the JRD satellite team and the SOES remote sensing group at the Southampton Oceanography Centre (SOC).

The laboratory provides opportunities for the wider community - in oceanography, climate science and the public sector - to benefit from the exciting developments in remote sensing of the oceans.

The LSO was launched on May 2nd 2001 and was marked by the publication of a brochure describing the work of the university of Southampton in remote sensing of the oceans.

Remote sensing datasets play an important role in the research carried out at SOC, with direct contributions to many of the SOC Research Themes. Commissioned research and consultancy contribute to and build on the core research programmes. Many research projects involve collaboration at UK or international level, while others make use of the wide range of expertise at SOC.

The aims of the Laboratory are to develop and apply remote sensing techniques to the study of the physics and biology of the ocean, in the context of ocean circulation and climate. Techniques and applications to oceanography of active (radar) and passive microwave, infrared and visible wavelength remote sensing methods are developed. Instruments are developed for deployment at sea for calibration of satellite sensors. Algorithms are being developed for improved ocean interpretation of remote sensing data, and new data processing techniques are being produced. Much of this work is carried out in collaboration with the modelling and observational groups at SOC.

Professor Ian S. Robinson,
Professor of physical oceanography
Head of the Laboratory for Satellite Oceanography
(+44) 23-8059.3438
(+44) 23-8059.3059